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“An Earthly Heaven“ project is always mentioned as one of Marmaris’ most exotic and uncharted places for its natural untouched beauty.Project is so gorgeous that you might feel as though you have stumbled into a fairy tale. The resort derives its beauty from the natural bays, the sea, and the thermal water, its crimson beach that is created by the thermal water, the forests, and the beautiful weather. is a tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast, located in Marmaris with its 2.000-year-old historical places. The company has more than 46 years of presence in the market and it operates in different industries such as the Real estate, Finance, and Energy sector. Project is a timeshare resort where you can reserve your vacation in a heavenly place at an affordable price. The timeshare system is well known globally. It is simply dividing the ownership of the property among multiple owners and each owner has the right to use the property for a limited period each year. Every owner will receive a title deed as ownership evidence like normal apartments but it will only be for limited days “each year“ noting that the ownership will be lifetime and it can be transferred and bequeath. Project has a unique location: To Muğla — 1h 45 mins. To Marmaris — 20 minutes To İçmeler — 8 minutes To Dalaman — 1h 45 mins. To Milas — 2h 10 mins. Project is not only stunning but unique! “Halal Holiday Concept“ Project resort was developed to provide tailored “halal“ facilities and policies for Islamic families, the resort has 3 different beaches only for women, in addition to mosques and all the facilities in the project have sections for women. Besides, the resort has a closed private beach only for women. The Activities you can enjoy in resort The resort offers a wide range of activities for families, different ages and genders, from scuba diving to windsurfing; marmaris pleases its residents that are interested in water activities. You can have the privilege to enjoy the sea, sand, and nature while enjoying different activities (Scuba Diving-Windsurfing-Water Sports-Splash Park-Aqua Park). Your children are not forgotten When you are enjoying Project, a professional team will take care of them having fun in the kid’s area where they can find all the games and activities that they can enjoy: (Aquapark – Zipline – Bicycle Roads – Trampoline). Healing Thermal Therapy: What makes the resort really unique and exceptional among other places is the natural healing thermal water that you can enjoy in the resort all year. Thermal water is also named, “mineral water”, it has minerals and it is natural hot water, which is 200 C, it is used as a thermal hot spring. Experts advise people to visit thermal springs at least once a year whether they have a disease or not. Thermal water provides physical and chemical changes on the skin thanks to hydrostatical passing through skin, absorption, and accumulation on the skin. It helps various dermatologic diseases to be cured. The most important effect of thermal water on skin is that it fastens blood flow. After thermal cure, positive changes have been observed such as strong and bulky hair and shining skin. Thermal water helps people of every age by slowing down getting age thanks to biological cell structure therapy. The resort also has the privilege of delivering the thermal water directly to the rooms through private pumps connected to the bathrooms. A Break for Detox: Relieve the fatigue of the day in healing thermal waters where you can enjoy the countless wellness programs and try our stress-free pampering treatment with our professionals:  Massage Therapies  Dermatologic Cures  Thalassotherapy  Rheumatic Cures  Pilates  Mesotherapy, anjoy you are self


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Available Properties Details

Property Type Bedrooms Area Area from Area to Price from Price to
Hotel 3+1 226 339 20000$ 44000$
Hotel 2+1 144 256 9000$ 32000$
Hotel 1+1 119 121 8000$ 16000$
Hotel ستوديو 60 99 4000$ 17000$

Payment Methods

Methods Date of Handing Over First Payment Months of Installments Discount
Installments 31/05/2023 50% 24 0%
Installments 31/05/2023 50% 24 0%
Installments 31/05/2023 50% 24 0%
Installments 31/05/2023 50% 24 0%
Cash 31/05/2023 100% 0 10%
Cash 31/05/2023 100% 0 10%
Cash 31/05/2023 100% 0 10%
Cash 31/05/2023 100% 0 10%