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Karas Group for Construction, Investment and Real Estate Development is one of the leading companies specialized in the field of construction, contracting and real estate development. The projects that the group has implemented varied from housing projects, residential complexes, hotels, factories, educational facilities and sports facilities.

2016. Despite the company’s short life, our company has accomplished distinguished works in construction and real estate development, adding value to the lives of tens of thousands of people. And it continues its work with strong strides through the new dimension that it added to the construction sector and the relationship of trust it has built with its customers thanks to the principles it has adopted in the real estate development sector.

The group seeks and finds in building modern and modern places of life, present and future, constantly working to find new and modern construction formulas and plans, and it always strives to find added values for its work and correct offers. And reliable investment opportu- nities that adopt the concept of “trust” between it and its customers. The company that has put its signature under several large and modern projects.

It seeks to highlight its scientific heritage and the experience gained during the last period in a work matrix that adds to the aesthetics and techniques of sophistication and luxury, and stands with the investors not only when selling real estate but also after the sale


The policy on which the Karas Group for Construction, Investment and Real Estate Development is based in managing by objectives is clear, specific and simplified that all employees can understand.

everyone seeks to achieve them through well thought out plans, easy mechanisms and a timetable for implementation, and this is accompanied by a training and rehabilitation plan for everyone in the group in harmony With work plans and goals and in a way that enhances the capabilities of the human element to achieve the best results at the level of management and achievement and achieving goals and strategies within the timetable set for that purpose.

We also rely on the philosophy of spreading a culture of respecting work values, on top of which is working with the spirit of one team and respecting work and time, and that success and failure are the responsibility Everyone, loyalty is the most important component of success.


Gain the confidence of our customers from all over the world by meeting their needs and offering upscale real estate products that meet their tastes and their wishes.

Our Values

1. Transparency and Credibility
2. Excellence and creativity
3. Dexterity


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